Tyrone Lebon (b. London, 1982) is a photographer and filmmaker based in London, UK.

Lebon has been surrounded by image making since childhood and began taking photos in his early teens. He studied for an MA in Social Anthropology from Edinburgh University and since graduating in 2005, has worked on various film and photography projects. His work has been shown by a variety of international broadcasters, galleries, and publications. He's also created imagery and film for a selection of clients - such as Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Celine, YSL, Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

Lebon is the founder and creative director of the photography gallery DoBeDo.


2019 "Inside The Bum” portrait of Harmony Korine shot on the set of his film "Beach Bum”, Documentary Film and Book published by DoBeDo.

2017 "Iron Lady - Stoya for Symonds, Pearmain, Lebon", Exhibition at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin.

2015 "ICA Off-Site: Digbeth, Birmingham", Group Exhibition at ICA Off-Site, Birmingham, UK.

2015 "a lie about a lie; a truth about The truth", curation of photography Exhibition at Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles.

2014 "Reely and Truly", 30 minute documentary film on photography.

2013 “Baron”, Book published by Baron Magazine.

2013 "SFV Acid" and "Atlanta Dream$", 10 minute documentary films, Sundance Festival and Sundance TV - USA.

2012 "UT AND THE LIFE", 3 minute short Film, Channel 4 - UK.

2011 "Nothing Lasts Forever”, Book published by DoBeDo.

2009 "Mengejar Ombak" (Chasing Waves), feature length Documentary Film, Indonesian and USA TV, DVD.

2009 "DoBeDo Presents... Fashion Man", Exhibition at Eye Culture, London.

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